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  Gazette du wargamer (French)
  Gamercast - 4/5

" At its heart Supreme Ruler Cold War is an intelligent grand strategy that calls for your undivided attention, and does not treat you like a child. Whilst it may go straight over the heads of some gamers, it can educate you on the rules of conduct in bringing a country to victory with stunning accuracy.  "

  GamingBolt - 8.5/10

"All in all, SR:CW is a really good game, with a lot of replay value and
very authentic and addictive gameplay. With a great campaign mode, a
Scenario mode, a Sandbox mode and just all round complexity and strategy
that you will not see in many games these days, Supreme Ruler: Cold War is a truly amazing game. "

  Brutal Gamer - 7/10

" If you like your strategy games full fat and in depth, then Supreme Ruler Cold War is the perfect game for you. " - 18/20 (French)
  Anjel Syndicate - 7/10

"The Cold War is often eclipsed by the World Wars or even Vietnam (despite that Vietnam was merely a part of the Cold War), so to see a company take up the noble task of setting a game within the greater context of the conflict is certainly admirable. "

  Cheat Happens - 8/10

"Supreme Ruler: Cold War is deep and intricate, perhaps too much so, but if you're able to stick it out and find your bearings, you'll find an impressive and addictive strategy experience. "

  Game Debate 8/10

"I approached Supreme Ruler: Cold War casually, almost disinterestedly at first, and it threatened to completely consume my free time. For long-time fans or anyone with an interest in the era, there’s really no escape. Supreme Ruler is a powerful time sink – this has already become the longest review I’ve ever written for Game Debate and I can’t believe how many important details of the game I’ve not even covered."

  Game Dot 8/10

" The re-play value with Cold War is huge as well, with the many avenues and scenarios to play through. "

  Dealspwn - 7/10

"Occasionally, though, war will break out in certain territories - hell, you might be the one to kick it all off - and diplomacy will fail. When that happens, things are actually relatively familiar. Depending on how far you zoom in, you can take control of individual units like your average RTS, or hand out general instructions for that particular theatre of war. "

  Da Gameboyz - 6/10

"Supreme Ruler: Cold War is a superb simulator. There are a ton of things going on at once. You can control things at a macro level, influencing policy, and you can control things at a micro level, moving individual units. "

  Mash Those Buttons - 3.3/5

"All and all, Supreme Ruler: Cold War stands out as a very solid simulation game. "

  Digitally Downloaded - 4/5

"AI is intelligent and does attempt to counter your own plans with precision, achieving an admirable level of sophistication."

  Elder Geek - 3/5

"Combining all aspects of statecraft, Supreme Ruler: Cold War is a game that offers a wide range of paths to victory, which provides a high replay value "

  Strategy Informer - 6.5

"Actually, rolling over the border is technically impossible, because the border dynamically shifts as you conquer territory. I quickly captured the Korean capital, and was halfway to the south coast when the US intervened. Filled with adrenaline, I brazenly declared war on the US. Bad idea. Soon a vast number of US units appeared on the South Korean shore, and my steamrolling advance turned into a deadlocked war of attrition.  "

  FTG - 6/10

"...for those gamers who love simulations of this magnitude, there is a one hell of a lot to offer! For these gamers, this is a gem to pick up and play."

  Demonic Player - 8/10 (Hungarian)
  EveryEye.IT - 7/10 (Italian)
  XGN - 6.5/10 (Dutch)
  SLAM -7.5/10 (German)
  World of Video Games - 7/10 (German)
  Gaming XP -71/100 (German) 70/100 (Italy)
  Absolute Games 65/100 (Russian)

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