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Announcement - Supreme Ruler Ultimate
Sept 2014

  Supreme Ruler Ultimate¬†will be released on¬†October 17, 2014¬†at an SRP of $29.99, and an announcement regarding a Steam Early Access Beta is expected soon. BattleGoat have also announced that owners of¬†Supreme Ruler 1936¬†will be given a special upgrade price to the new title.(Sept, 2014)  

Steam Summer Sale - 33% off Supreme Ruler 1936
(June 19 - 30, 2014)


Supreme Ruler 1936 - Released Today!
(May 9, 2014)


Supreme Ruler 1936 - Steam Early Access - is live!
(Dec. 6, 2013)


Supreme Ruler Cold War - Mac Version
(May 31, 2013)

Now available for the Mac - in the Mac App Store.

PRESS RELEASE - Supreme Ruler 1936 - In Development
(March 7, 2013)

BattleGoat Studios has today reoccupied the Rhineland with their announcement of Supreme Ruler 1936. This historical real time strategy game for Windows based PCs is scheduled for release in Q1, 2014.
Visit here for more details.

Supreme Ruler Cold War 7.3.1 Patch Released
(Dec., 2012)


Ancaster, Canada, 14th January 2013 – BattleGoat Studios has released a new patch for their Geo-Political Strategy Game, Supreme Ruler Cold War. BattleGoat Designer, David Thompson commented; “This is the most comprehensive and ambitious patch we’ve done in the entire Supreme Ruler series and players should be quite pleased with the improvements and enhancements.”

 About Supreme Ruler: Cold War

The world craves a leader. At last, your time has come. Building on Supreme Ruler 2010 and 2020, BattleGoat Studios invites you to relive the tension and uncertainty of the Cold War. As the 1950’s approach, the Korean War looms, the Arms Race intensifies, the Berlin Crisis leads to the formation of NATO, and the world anticipates a new World War. As leader of the United States or the Soviet Union, you must make the correct Economic, Diplomatic, Domestic and Military decisions to successfully navigate your country through this dangerous historical era and increase your nation’s Sphere of Influence on the world stage.  Or play as any nation and make your own impact on the world order! Supreme Ruler: Cold War is available for digital download on all leading digital distribution platforms.  Developed by BattleGoat Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, Supreme Ruler Cold War was released in 2011. 

Major features of the 7.3.1 Patch:
- Significant improvements in game speed and performance
- Significant AI enhancements, more challenging opponents
- Improvements to balance, diplomacy, and economic model
- Improvements to Ministers and unit initiative
- Game interface and controls additions and improvements
- New units and technologies added
- Pathing and tactical AI improvements
- More options for Colonization, liberation, and annexing regions
- New Espionage/Spy features added
- Hundreds of other fixes and improvements

For a Comprehensive list of 7.3.1 Patch Changes: - visit our forums -


SRCW - Release Trailer
(July, 2011)

Online video tutorials are now available!
(July 22, 2011)

SRCW - Multiplayer Matchmatching now with Game Ranger
July, 2011)

Visit the Game Ranger site to get the free download..

Supreme Ruler Cold War - Street Date Announced for July 19, 2011
(July, 2011)

Visit the official Supreme Ruler Cold War page for more information -
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(July, 2011)
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(July, 2011)
  Cold War History:
(June 29th, 2011)
Supreme Ruler Cold War goes gold!!!
  Get Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold for only $9.99!
(Apr, 2011)
... through digital download. Get it at GamersGate or from your favorite site.
  Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold receives massive update
(Apr, 2011)
... as a FREE UPDATE to Supreme Ruler 2020! ( Included with Update 8 ) Read the press release here.
  GameSpot Preview: Supreme Ruler Cold War
(Mar, 2011)
  George Geczy takes time to preview Cold War for the press at GDC 2011. releases some Supreme Ruler Cold War videos.
(Feb, 2011)
  Take a look for some Cold War vids. The release is only a few months away.  
  BattleGoat Studios travels to New York for the Paradox Interactive Press Event.
(January, 2011)
  Interviews with the press and other Cold War material is on its way!  
  BattleGoat Studios and Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce the next title in the Supreme Ruler series... Supreme Ruler Cold War
(August, 2010)

The world needs a leader. At last, your time has come...

Scheduled for release Q2 2011 - prepare to take your place on the front lines of the Cold War !


  BattleGoat Studios Supports Common Sense Copyright in Canada
(July, 2010)
  Update 7 - Now Available.
(May, 2010)
Visit our Forums for information and to download this unofficial "Mod Pack Update"
  Italian Review - 7.5
(Oct 20, 2009)
While we don't post all of our reviews in our news section here is a new one to read over, if you speak Italian. >>> <<<
  Update 6.6.2 Available.
(Sept 29, 2009)
Use the 'check for updates' link in your programs group.
  Demo Now Available for SR2020: GOLD
(September 10, 2009)
  Gamer's Gate  
  BattleGoat now Tweets with Twitter -
(August 24, 2009)
  Supreme Ruler 2020: Gold Announced!
(August 18, 2009)

Paradox has announced that "Supreme Ruler 2020 GOLD," which includes the original game and the "Global Crisis" expansion, has gone gold and will be released on September 18th.

"In Supreme Ruler 2020, it is up to the player to lead a nation in a world that has fallen into anarchy. In Global Crisis, players face an even more devastating and realistic experience through a sandbox-style campaign that takes into account real-world headlines for a chilling portrayal of tomorrow’s chaotic world.

Grab control of one of more than 250 territories from around the world, in a sandbox-style campaign that incorporates real-world headlines for a chilling glimpse of a world on the brink of World War III.


  • Over 30 scenarios spread across the original campaign and the thrilling expansion as players march towards World War III
  • Control one of more than 250 territories from around the world in single-player or multiplayer modes
  • Use high-resolution NASA satellite imagery to manage your sprawling empire
  • Control hundreds of actual military vehicles using a sophisticated tactical command system
  • Realistic world using detailed diplomatic, economic, and political models
  • Great flexibility, either through modding or a limitlessly customizable Super Sandbox mode

Supreme Ruler 2020 GOLD will be available for purchase in retail stores and via digital distribution channels on September 18.

  Expansion Release Announced: Supreme Ruler: Global Crisis
(Dec 22, 2008)

We are pleased to announce our expansion of Global Crisis on Paradox' Gamer's Gate.

Visit Gamer's Gate to get your copy today...

  Expansion Announcement: Supreme Ruler: Global Crisis
(Oct 28, 2008)

In addition to expanded game play elements,
Global Crisis includes many new features:

- 20 new scenarios which more than doubles the number of scenarios that originally shipped with the game
- Additional new multiplayer scenarios
- New campaign/sandbox map along a new storyline leading players towards World War III
- New scenario features including scripted and random events
- Improved unit control and grouping
- Expanded tech tree
- New units and unit meshes
- Additional game lobby options
- Graphic improvements
- AI enhancements
- More tutorials and in-game tips
- User interface improvements

Visit our forums for ALL the details...

  Now Available at the Following Major Retailers (Supreme Ruler 2020)
(Sept. 16, 2008)
BestBuy (US)
Walmart (US / Canada)
EBGames (US)
  Update 5.3.2 (update 3) Available
(August 11, 2008)
  Visit our forums for more details and look for the "Check for Updates" link in the progam group of the game menu. - GDN sat down recently with co-founder of BattleGoat Studios and lead designer of the PC’s hit political strategy game Supreme Ruler 2020, David Thompson.

  SR2020 Developer Interview
(June 13, 2008) - Today we spoke to David Thompson, lead designer and co-founder of BattleGoat and ex-Liverpool and Blackburn midfielder (joke), about his company's new game, Supreme Ruler 2020, described by Mr Thompson himself as "SimCity meets Civilization meets Panzer General - all on steroids".

  Demo Available for Supreme Ruler 2020
(June 9, 2008)
  The word is out. Get the demo today by visiting one of the many download mirros on our "demo page".  
  Take the Supreme Quiz
(June 2, 2008)
  The world needs a leader. Could it be that your time has come? Challenge your political knowledge to see if you are fit to become the Supreme Ruler in this quiz. This link will open to our official Paradox site.  
  Supreme Ruler 2020 Goes Gold.
(May 26, 2008)
  "We've created a strategy game with unmatched scope and depth. We set our sights high - play the whole world, all at once, without limits on the numbers of units, facilities, or other elements. Zoom in to examine a single city, or zoom out to see the whole world. Trade, ally or battle with hundreds of real-world countries. It's all in there", says George Geczy, Lead Programmer and Co Founder of BattleGoat Studios.  
  Paradox Set to Publish 2020 in 2008.
(August 20, 2007)
  "Paradox Interactive revealed today that it has signed Supreme Ruler 2020 to their publishing portfolio for 2008. Developed by BattleGoat Studios, Supreme Ruler 2020 adds many new features and game improvements, building on the success of the award winning Supreme Ruler 2010."
Visit Paradox Plaza for more details.
  Supreme Ruler Sequel to Preview at Leipzig GC
(August 10th, 2007)
  BattleGoat Studios is pleased to announce that they will be giving the press and the public a first look at the next installment in their Supreme Ruler franchise at the Leipzig Games Convention later this month. Scheduled for release in May 2008, Supreme Ruler 2020 adds many new features, building on the success of the award winning Supreme Ruler 2010. Lead Designer and studio co-founder David Thompson commented, “We’ve taken into account all of the suggestions of our player base and then some. Not all of the details are for public consumption yet, but I’m very excited about the new features. Also, the biggest criticism we heard about SR2010 was its approachability for new players. With SR2020 we’ve re-worked the Player Interface to make it more intuitive and easier for beginners while at the same time being very careful NOT to remove the depth and detail that our players expect.”  
  CAEAA 2006 Highlights Video
(Oct 25, 2006)
  A Quicktime Video showing the highlights of the awards ceremony with our own David Thompson (and The Goat) walking up on stage to accept our award for Best PC Game. Visit CAEAA for more details.  
  Supreme Ruler 2020 Developer Diary
Part I - posted on The Wargamer (Oct 16, 2006)
  Supreme Ruler 2010 is now officially behind us, and we’ve begun work on prioritizing the changes and additional features for our recently announced sequel… Supreme Ruler 2020.  
  BattleGoat Studios Announces their next development project -
Supreme Ruler 2020
(Oct 4, 2006)
  Sequel to their critically acclaimed and award winning title, Supreme Ruler 2010, this in-depth strategy game will combine Political, Diplomatic, Economic and Military Strategy elements to immerse players in the ultimate geo-political wargame/simulation.  
  CAEAA - Supreme Ruler 2010 - Best PC Game
(Sep 15, 2006)
  "Supreme Ruler 2010" has won a Canadian Award for the Electronic and Animated Arts in the category of Best PC Game!

In accepting the award at the Vancouver ceremonies, Lead Designer David Thompson was particularly grateful to the beta testers who helped BattleGoat through many of their design decisions with this ambitious title. Afterwards Thompson said, "We worked very hard on this project to create a unique game and we will continue to develop in this direction - creating games that challenge the minds of our players."
  Review on - Training and Simulation Journal
(August 21, 2006)

  Battlegoat ... has managed to produce what is probably the most intensive political-military model ever designed for the entertainment market.  
  Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts: Nominations (August 10th, 2006)  
  BattleGoat Studios is pleased to announce that Supreme Ruler 2010 is a finalist in the categories of:
Best PC Game
Best Innovation in Gaming

Visit or for more details.
  Updates 5 & 6 Released for Supreme Ruler 2010
(July 20, 2006)
  Two new scenarios, three new scenario groupings, four new missions, sixty new unit designs (including 7 new unit pictures). Download the upate today and check the readme for details.
  Review on
(July 9, 2006)
  "... the more the game is played the more it all makes sense and the easier it becomes to execute chosen strategies to dominate and unify the fractured world."  

Read more Supreme Ruler 2010 reviews.

  Update 4 Released
(December 21, 2005)

  Update 4 has arrived and is now available for download. Several minor game improvements makes this update a must for any Supreme Ruler fan.  
  • New Scenario: United States, playable from 26-30 regions
  • New Missions: East to DC, Bridge to Romania (user submitted by Red),
  • New Units: 45 new units, 2 new submarine pictures,
  • New Feature: Start from any region in maps containing over 16 players.
Feedback and suggestions from our Forum are always incorporated into Updates. This is part of our ongoing commitment to make Supreme Ruler 2010 the best game possible! To get the update, choose the "Check for Updates" option in the Supreme Ruler 2010 Windows program group.  
Battlegoat Studios Online Store - Supreme Ruler 2010
(Dec 06, 2005)
  Shirts, mousepads, buttons and wall clocks are just of few of the items available at our new online store. Many more items soon to come.  

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